AAFP Releases Immunization schedules for 2017



  • The CDC and the advisory committee together with AAFP and other different professional organizations of medicine have released immunization schedules for 2017 for children and adults.


    • This year some changes have been done and these changes includes recommendations for the nine valent vaccine of HPV and its schedule of two dose. These recommendations are for the patients of 11 to 12 ages.


When this annual schedule of immunization was released, the concerns were that the administration of Trump has given proposal to appoint the group who could study the effectiveness and safety of these vaccines.

Meigs said clearly that the vaccines are effective and safe and it saves life as well. Meigs further explained that the allegations of the link between autism and vaccines have been debunked thoroughly

1 – Childhood and its schedule highlights:

For the patients taking vaccination of HPV9 at the age of 15 or after that age, the recommendation for immunization schedule is about three doses. After taking first dose, the second one should be taken after the gap of one to two months. Similarly 6 months gap should be there between first and third dose.

2 – Schedule highlights of adults:

The recommendation of HPV for adults did not change actually. The young and teen adults who have started vaccination at the age of 15 to 26, will continue their vaccination with three HPV vaccines doses.

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Immunization schedules for 2017