Celebrities Without Makeup: Bella Hadid Unwinds in Swimming Outfit in Miami


• It would appear that this model was one of the fortunate ones to get the call that the Fire Festival was a failure.

• As many celebration goers, who spent a large number of dollars, fought to return home from the Fire Festival, Bella Hadid spent the day in the lap of extravagance on Friday.

• Many spent up to $13,000 to party nearby the 20-year-old and her model mates however she never left Miami to go along with them.

Bella Hadid looking hot in white one piece

Some of A-listers, Bella included it appears, got the heads up early that the as far as anyone knows extravagance celebration area in the Bahamas was not up to scratch. In Celebrities Without Makeup, Bella Hadid comes at the top of list.

So as opposed to flying out from Miami – which filled in as the travel base for those made a beeline for the celebration – Bella kicked back by the pool.

Sexy Bella Hadid at beach

Getting an opportunity to soak up the sunshine in a little weenie two-piece was clearly an altogether different affair to one side at the celebration site or resting in the air terminal attempting to return home.

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While those at Fire combat over water and were bolstered cheddar sandwiches – on the off chance that they were fortunate – the model had drink and sustenance servers prepared to bring her whatever her heart wanted.

Actress Bella Hadid

As Bella extended on her fresh white high string number towel-shrouded pool seat, celebration goers were arranging for a considerable length of time to get a flight home or confronting one more night on wet sleeping cushions in FEMA-style tents.

It is additionally sheltered to state that the magnificence did not need to stress over crowds of non domesticated pooches as she and her companion Fanny Bourdette-Donon loose.

On the off chance that she was worried about her name being associated with a standout amongst the most wretched celebrations in living music memory, Bella was not demonstrating it.

Bella Hadid enjoying with friends

She and Fanny visited away and looked at their telephones poolside.

Prepared to beat the Miami warm before it turned out to be excessively agonizing, Bella flown into the pool. In Celebrities Without Makeup, Bella Hadid looking hot in swimming outfit.