FOX Presents New Drama of Police ‘APB’


  • FOX is presenting new crime show which is named as ‘APB’ on Monday night.
  • In the new drama ‘APB’ which is the police based drama of FOX
  • The crime fighting is the main story related to one Police department of Chicago.

Have a first look at news series of Cop

Have a first look at news series of Cop

In the drama, the role of new sheriff Gideon Reeves is played by Justin Kirk. But Justin is not playing as typical sheriff. In the story, Gideon is the billionaire engineer whose aim is to hunt down the killer of his friend and that’s why he takes the entire force with him. Basically in this drama, the scientific way of crime fighting is introduced.

1 – Natalie Martinez:

“He introduces this app which is round about similar to Uber that helps you to find out the nearest cop, takes you and allows you to participate actually in this crime-solving mission.
The person who has plotted the whole mission is the Detective girl Theresa Murphy who is known in the Miami hometown as Natalie Martinez.

2 – Natalie Martinez (Amelia Murphy):

“Technology do not solve the crime cases but cops do”.

Scientific way of crime fighting

And one can bring the girl outside of Miami to fight with the crime in the windy city but you cannot take the Miami out of that girl, said Natalie Martinez.
She said that I am always a Miami girl by heart so I often go back very soon. My complete family lives there.

3 – Justin Kirk::

“If FOX will present another season of this police drama APB, then let’s do it in the Miami”.

4 – Natalie Martinez:

“It will be very pleasing for me”.

Watch Natalie and the cast of new Police drama APB presented by FOX at 9:00 p.m. on Monday, right after the new complete episodes of ’24 Legacy’.

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