Huge Painting of the Battle Scene of Atlanta is shifting to the New Site

Figure 1 Painting wall of history of Atlanta battle

 A panoramic painting which depicts the Atlanta battle from the civil war of America is being shifted to the new location.

It will be lifted by cranes from that building where it was placed for about a century and then it will be trucked to the new destination.

Historians said that moving such a giant and the largest painting of the nation (6 ton Cyclorama), from the Grant Park to the history centre of Atlanta across the town marks the major milestone in the restoration.

According to the sources, the shifting of such a huge and heavy painting will be expected to start on Thursday and it will takes two days for the shifting. The people who are in charge of this whole task are saying that they are taking extraordinary precautions and measures to ensure that such a heavy and giant 15000 square foot painting is not damaged.

“If we find anything that can destroy the painting then we will keep our speed slow”, Howard Pousner said who is the spokesman in the history centre of Atlanta.

The scenes in the painting like rearing horses, charging soldiers, broken bodies, battle flags looks like the football field, from the one zone back till another zone, when it is at full display and unfurled.

Figure 1 Gordon Jones showing the painting of Atlanta history to the donor

But on the day of shifting, on Thursday, as the preparations of shifting were going on, it was being cut into seam in two pieces. Both pieces have been rolled onto custom built and gigantic steel spools and each piece was as taller as a building having four storeys in it.

The artwork that has been created by American Panorama in 1880’s in Milwaukee is the only one from the two panoramas that has been displayed in the whole nation. The other panorama is located at the Gettysburg National Park of military in Pennsylvania.