Are you intelligent enough to solve this McDonald’s brainteaser?

This test asks you to provide the answer of this equation based on provided sums
This test asks you to provide the answer of this equation based on provided sums
  • This test will ask you to solve the equation with three sums given
  • Many people were stuck in the final sum regarding the number of items in the last
  • While many others were struggling to remember the order of addition and multiplication

This puzzle involves only your three favourite items from the menu of McDonalds but this puzzle has confused many people on face book leaving them scratching the heads.

The basic method of solving this puzzle lies in remembering the basic orders of addition and multiplication only.

This puzzle was firstly shared by Butuan on Face book and he also said that 98 percent fails in this test. If you are a genius then solve it.

Thus about 1500 people solve this equation. Everyone has different answers.

Some gives the comical answers for this puzzle

In the first line, it is saying that the three drinks of McDonalds add up to give the sum of 30.

In the next line, it is said that one drink and two burgers will give the sum of 20. Then four chips portions and one burger adds to give the sum of 9. And the puzzle asks you to give the answer if one burger and one portion of chips is multiplied by one drink then what will be the answer?

Some people did not notice that in the last line there is only one portion of chips while in the third line, there are two portions of chips.

A reader gave this answer .

The correct answer for this puzzle is 15 and to solve this puzzle, first of all you have to find out the worth of each item in the figure and then apply the rule of orders of addition and multiplication.