List of Food Items that Celebrities Do Not Eat at all !

The actor had never eaten strawberries ever

Some food items which many Hollywood celebrities do not eat at all.

Some foods came out to be allergic while some other became the reason for increasing weight.

But according to nutritionists, all foods must be taken in an orderly manner so that they suit your body.

Coffee and strawberries :

The new star of England while giving an interview to the magazine said that I had not ever tasted the strawberries, not a single one. Not only this, he said that I had also quit having any sort of coffee.

 Corn :

Gwyneth Paltrow said in an interview while telling about her lifestyle, that she has stop eating corn and dairy items. But my diet is not permanent. I keep on changing according to situations and moods. I believe on eating healthy items and I had never said no to any food item forever.

Gwyneth avoids eating corns and dairy items.

Gluten and Dairy :

Kourtney Kardashian in 2016 said in an interview to a magazine that she along with her family members had removed the dairy items and gluten from the whole family member’s diet. She said that I have noticed a great positive change in my behaviour with the friends and family members after following this diet. I keep on battling myself that why I am doing this diet but the fact is that we all family members have sensitivities from gluten and dairy products that’s why we adopt this diet.

Kourtney Kardashian and her family avoids dairy items and gluten.

Bananas :

Harley Pasternak had not eaten banana because he says that only such type of fruit should be eaten who has edible seeds, edible skin as well as it contains citrus in it. While banana is such a fruit who do not has either edible skin, nor edible seed or citrus. Thus I keep on telling my clients to eat those fruits whose skin could be eaten because most of the fibre and nutrients are in the skin. One should avoid banana and grapes as well. Because banana is just that sort of fruit that you take in your body and it does not help you keep full.

According to the nutritionist, only those fruits should be taken having fibre. Thus bananas should be avoided because it has no fibre.