“Lost Continent” was found beneath Indian Ocean


Recently scientists have traced out the signs of an ancient continent under the depths of Indian Ocean Mauritius.

The small nation of the Mauritius lives on the beautiful and pretty volcanic island in Indian Ocean.

In previous times, it was the strategic colony for the purpose of trade routes between the Far East and Europe.

Recently geologists have find out that Mauritius is even more to explore yet than that what could we see with our eyes. This place is the tourist destination with the postcard beaches now-a-days.

lost continent found under indian ocean

Ancient history was found beneath this island

Last week, a study was done and was published in “Nature Communications”. In this study, the researchers comprise the team of South Africa. They described that we have discovered some three billion years old crystals of zircon on the Mauritius. The question is that the volcanic island is round about eight million year old itself, so how it could be possible?

This surely means that under the Indian Ocean, somewhere deep beneath the surface and exactly under the Mauritius, once there exists a small continent.
Scientists tried to find out the clues of the geographical history that is present in tiny crystals of zircon from the volcanic sand of Mauritius. The sturdy minerals possess the traces of thorium, uranium, which are proved to be very great and effective in the radiometric dating method.

Lost continent found beneath indian ocean

Visitors came to see this island

In the early times, Cretaceous was happened about 146-100 million years back. Dinosaurs like sauropods and Tyrannosaurus rex were used to wander around in the early Gondwana continent, Africa, Antarctica, India, South America and Australia. As the Gondwana has changed its shape, Mauritia was broken into thinner and smaller pieces.

Under this beach sand, billion years old history is present

These bits of tiny pieces sunk deep under the water and became the reason for many volcanic islands that are now littering Indian Ocean. Billion years old history is present there under the sand of this beach.