President of Mexico Rejects the Trump’s order saying “We’ll Not Pay For Any kind of Wall”

Mexican president denies to follow Trump’s order

• The Mexican President said that “ I will not follow the decision of United States to continue the process of building a wall that will divide us rather uniting us.

• The president of Mexico was criticizing the Donald Trump’s decision and his executive orders for the extension of wall along the southern border of America.

• He said that this wall will enhance the distance between the citizens of both countries.

“Mexico government do not admit constructing the wall and therefore Mexican government is not agree to pay for this wall. I have already told this decision and now telling you again”

Donald Trump has ordered for the construction of wall alongside the border on Wednesday.
“We have talked about this since the beginning” said Donald Trump while signing the executive orders stating the construction of a physical wall immediately between Mexico and United States.

The Mexican President was scheduling a visit to US. In his message, the president of Mexico criticized the decision of Donald Trump but he did not state anything about his visit to United States. He has criticized the orders of building the wall because he thinks that this will bring distance between both countries.

Construction of wall at the southern border between Mexico and U.S.

By constructing the wall of concrete between the two countries at the southern border which will be 55 feet tall according to Donald Trump, he was actually fulfilling his promise of campaign trail.

In the speech where Donald Trump said that he is going to be president, he also said that Mexico is sending criminals and rapists across border and he also said that he promises to send back all the illegal immigrants in which majority would be Mexican.

Donald Trump executive orders about constructing the wall