Quotes about “How to Become a Gentleman”


• Since we’re calling 2017 “The Year of the Gentleman”, we thought it opportune to return to an original work in group of courteousness.

• We’re talking, obviously, about John Bridges’ fabulous manual titled essentially, How To Be a Gentleman.

• So here are some useful words on being a respectable man that merit returning to frequently.

In case you’re not well known, we profoundly suggest getting a duplicate for yourself (or a companion). It was a continuous installation on our end table at the condo before finding a lasting home among other classy tomes on the racks at HSS Studios.

Here, we’ve quoted a choice of our most loved apothegms on the specialty of being a current respectable man from Bridges’ book.

A man of honor says “please and “thank you,” promptly and frequently.

A man of honor does not decry the convictions of others – whether they identify with matters of confidence, governmental issues or games groups.

Book with lighter and pipe

A man of honor is constantly prepared to offer a generous handshake.

A honorable man keeps his cowhide shoes cleaned and his fingernails clean.

How to be a Gentleman by John Bridges

A honorable man concedes when he isn’t right.

A honorable man does not start a quarrel.

How to be a Gentleman

A man of honor never feels that he should say charming things in regards to unpalatable individuals.

A man of honor clasps his nose hairs and the unattractive hair in his ears. As he develops more established, he may likewise think that its important to trim his eyebrows.

A Gentleman Image

In spite of the fact that a honorable man knows how to clean his own shoes, when he is on a business trip, or when he understands that his shoes have gotten to be scraped amidst a business day, a courteous fellow disparages a legitimate shoe-sparkle stand.

A man of his word feels no need to wear socks after Memorial Day – in any event in easygoing circumstances.

A man of his word never wears a belt when he is wearing suspenders.

At the point when a man of his word wears a vest, he leaves the base catch fixed.

A man of his word does not gloat.

A man of his word does not cry.

A honorable man does not steer clear of the real issue.

A man of honor acknowledges a compliment by saying, “Bless your heart. It’s decent of you to reveal to me that.”