The Star Whom We Don’t Know


 Indian cricket’s definitive pariah is an opposing, complex figure, darkened from view by his own decision.

The main thing we think about MS Dhoni without a doubt is that he will probably dependably be mysterious

Ahead of schedule in 2001, Dhoni was chosen to speak to East Zone in the Duleep Trophy.

Dhoni had been anticipating playing it in light of the fact that Sachin Tendulkar was accessible for the competition. But, no one knew Dhoni had been chosen. The Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) had not sent the choice letter to Dhoni.

Those who know Dhoni nearly vouch that being given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army in 2011, months after he had driven India to a World Cup win, include among the proudest minutes his life. He wouldn’t take the uniform off,” Pandey says. “He didn’t rest that night.”

Dhoni in his long haired youth

An armed force associate rates Dhoni’s information of contender flying machine nine on ten, and of the armed force, seven. Give him a gun and he will first comprehend it, with no outside help; then he can hit a bulls-eye from 25m without fail. He appreciates ad libbing with targets, not simply paper ones.

Dhoni’s passions, Motorbikes and Army

He prefers recreated circumstances, and he explores – right hand, left hand. Glenn McGrath is known for his expertise at skeet shooting. Dhoni has beaten him in a go head to head.

“Appointment of Garry Kirsten as Indian Coach is best for Indian Cricket” Dhoni

He takes his firearm along amid Test coordinates in India and on off days tries to visit the closest terminating range. He ensures he shoots on January 1, regardless of which some portion of the world he is in.

This year the group returned home from South Africa on the night of January 1, and he surged off to the National Security Guard go in Mumbai to finish the custom.

Dhoni is a conflicting kind of saint, isolates yet dug in, not accessible yet accessible, but rather not exactly, a mind boggling man fixated on keeping things basic, intuitive in one type of the amusement and unshakable in another, the best Indian skipper ever, yet the most powerless while losing.